Kenyas Most Beautiful Women

Kenyas Most Beautiful Women. Kenya is the land of beautiful women. They are beautiful, hardworking and smart. Here is a list of  some of the most beautiful women in Kenya in no given order. Miss emma brenda wanjiru  On social media she describes herself as: God’s child an awesome mum right yea right 😉😉 Inspire

Guide to Buying an Apartment in Kenya

Apartment blocks are rising in the Kenyan Market Every day. With land space reducing every day and the prices of the available prime lands being exaggerated many young Kenyans are opting to buy apartments for their young families.  This is a great investment as you can always rent the apartment once you get a much

The Most Influential Politicians in Kenya

An influential politician  can  move and convince huge masses of people that he is the right candidate for a particular seat .wherever he goes he will be able to pull large crowds and is viewed by other leaders as a person of great interest. The following politicians are considered to be the most influential in

Top 10 Richest football clubs in the world

Spanish clubs lead the pack with two of its biggest clubs leading in terms of fortunes. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the top two richest clubs in the world followed by Manchester United the richest club in English football. Real Madrid boosts of some of the best footballers in football history, from Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth

Richest Comedians in Kenya. For Them Money is No Problem

Who are the Richest Comedians in Kenya? Though the comedy industry is young, there is a small population which has made good money out of it, thanks to the ever growing industry motivated by Kenyans willing to listen to jokes for laughter. Here are the richest comedians in Kenya. Churchill Aka Daniel Ndambuki Churchill has