Top 20 mobile loan apps in Kenya 2018.

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Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya.Do you have a mobile loan app? HERE IS THE LIST OF MOBILE LOAN APPS IN KENYA. Mobile loan apps in Kenya have revolutionized financial services in Kenya. The rise of MPESA has also made mobile lending easy and very effective.With a good credit history on is assured of a loan within a few minutes of  application and submission of the required about yourself. Kenya as the best country in Africa in use of technology is the best place for this mobile loan apps to thrive. This mobile loan apps are already getting the older credit models out of business.


Here is the list of the mobile loan apps in Kenya. Each mobile loan app is well explained.

1. Eazzy Banking App: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Powered by Equity Bank

Eazzy Banking App

Experience Convenience in Life-The Eazzy Banking App is your bank account on your phone. Everything you can do at the bank is now only a few clicks away.
EazzyBanking App helps you Pay for goods and services

Make and receive payments with EazzyPay wherever you are. Simply look out for outlets with an EazzyPay sign at shops, supermarkets, airlines, petrol stations, hotels as well as online.
Eazzy Banking App- Instant account management
Check your balance, send money, pay bills, apply for loans and save for goals with the Eazzy Banking App.
EazzyBanking App. is  Safe, secure banking
With the Eazzy Banking App you can monitor all activity on your account as well as manage and set permissions and limits for your card on your phone. Experience Convenience in life.

Download the Eazzy Banking App Here and get instant online loans from equity bank


2. Craft Mobile Loan App:Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


Craft app is a mobile loan app that enables instant application of loan to Craft inventors and get decision instant. On loan approval, cash is sent immediately and direct into your MPESA account.

Download Craft App Here and get instant online loans

Craft Mobile Loan app



3. Tala:Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya



Tala as a leading mobile loan app is one of the  best, Tala was formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi. With Tala one can access a loan up to Ksh. 50000. This loan is usually accessed through the Mobile Money Service MPESA.With the Tala mobile loan app one is able to check their credit limit and see testimonials from people who have been using the loan.

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This is How  the Tala mobile loan app Works:

A New Kind of Credit Score: Our credit models allow us to evaluate an applicant’s creditworthiness and capacity using the data on their mobile devices. This means we can evaluate and score even those customers who have no formal credit or banking history.

Real-Time Credit: Anyone with an Android smartphone in our markets can download the Tala mobile loan app, apply for credit, and receive an instant decision. Tala mobile loan app disburses loans in minutes to customers using mobile wallets, and in less than a day to customers using traditional cash-out options.

Full Financial Partnership: Smart data models allow customers to increase their limits and build a financial identity. Within our platform, customers can view their credit status, track payments, get reminders, and ask for help. Making and receiving payments is quick and easy.
Services Built for People: All customers receive a personalized financial experience tailored to their needs and goals. From application to repayment, our mobile loan app
provides a seamless experience that gives customers financial choice
and control.

Down the TALA Mobila Loan App Here and get instant online loans

4. Branch: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Branch another Mobile Loan App that has many clients. With this mobile loan app; Branch one can access from as low as Ksh 250 to highs of 50000. Branch Mobile App can be linked to ones Facebook and Gives Loans through MPESA.

Interest on this Mobile Loan App range from 1% to 4%. With rates becoming better as one continues getting loans and maintaining good credit history.This mobile loan app service does not charge lateness or rollover fees. One of the best mobile loan app you will find.

Download the Branch Mobile Loan App Here and get instant online loans


5. OKash: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Okash a mobile loan app by Opera.
This is how it works

* Create your account using M-Pesa login
* Apply in seconds
* Receive your loan straight into your M-Pesa
* Build your loan limit by making repayments on time

6.  Saida: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


This is how the Saida mobile app works;

Step 1: Download the mobile loan app and Create a Saida account and answer a couple of questions so we get to know you!
Step 2: Saida will check how you have been using your phone to make calls, sms, data and how you use mobile money services such as M-Pesa. Saida will notify you of the amount of money you can apply for.
Step 3: We’ll send the loan to your M-Pesa account immediately and explain the repayment terms.

With the Saida mobile loan app one is able to access loans of upto 25000 with a repayment period of 90days.Your loan limit may be small when you are starting but it increases as you improve your profile through repaying on time.

Download and Learn More about Saida Here and get instant online loans


7. Zidisha: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


zidisha mobile loan app
zidisha mobile loan app

Zidisha  Mobile Loan App is a micro-lending app  which works  quite different from the other mobile Loan Apps.The main aim of this mobile loan app is to connect  entrepreneurs with lenders.

This is what you need to know about the Zidisha Mobile Loan App

Benefits of the Zidisha Mobile Loan App

– Open to everyone: You do not need to have collateral assets, a bank account, guarantors, or a salaried job to raise a loan.

– Interest-free: Each loan carries just a 5% service fee.

– Flexible: You choose your own weekly repayment schedule.

– Community: Loans are funded by other Zidisha members, not banks. You become part of a supportive community of entrepreneurs and lenders from all over the world.

Requirements to Qualify for this mobile loan app

– Have your own Facebook account with extensive social connections.

– Have a source of income that will allow you to make repayments each week.

– Be able to secure recommendations from people in your community.

Your starting credit limit depends on whether you have an invite from a Zidisha member in good standing, and whether you choose to make a security payment into the Members Loan Fund. Your credit limit will increase with each loan depending on your record of on-time repayments, up to a maximum of US $10000. You can earn bonus credit limit increases on top of the base credit limit by inviting new members or serving as a Volunteer Mentor.

Zidisha loans do not carry interest. The total cost for each loan is a service fee of 5% of the loan amount, to cover the cost of transferring and administering the loan.

Members are also asked to pay a one-time membership fee in order to join Zidisha. The current membership fee 10% of the starting credit limit chosen.

Members who choose to begin borrowing with larger starting credit limits must make a one-time payment into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund, which is used for reimbursing lenders in the event of default.

Fees are paid only if the you succeed in raising a loan, and entitle you to raise an unlimited number of loans of increasing amounts at zero interest.

Download the Zidisha Mobile App Here and get instant online loans

8. Usawa : Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya



Steps  to follow to access the Usawa Mobile Loan App.

Account creation, this involves downloading the loan app and then creating  your account,Once done with account creation apply for the loan, the app will show you how much you qualify based on the answered questions. The loan is then disbursed and the more you take and repay on time the better are your credit ratings.

9. Timiza App:Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


Timiza App is one of the newest mobile loans apps in Kenya. It a product invented by Barclays Bank of Kenya  and designed and created by Craft Silicon. Timiza app  allows Kenyans to get instant low loans at low interest rates.Once the customer has applied for  the loan and its approved its disbursed into the customers Timiza account.One can then withdraw the money to Mpesa if they need to with draw it.Timiza Loans  have a facility fee of 5% and a Rollover fee of 5% in case the fails to pay within 30 days.The app runs on Android OS 4.0.

Download TIMIZA APP HERE and get access to instant online loans


10. Stawika: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


Stawika mobile Loan App

Stawika Mobile loan app is an Android mobile app currently based in Kenya that offers instant mobile loans. Stawika mobile loan app automatically evaluates mobile phone data as well as other factors to assign loans. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

Download Stawika Mobile Loan APP and get instant online loans

How Stawika works- Register and Login, Check Loan Limit then Request Loan.

stawika process


11. Utunzi: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya



Download the Utunzi Mobile Loan App Here and get instant onlien loans

12. Haraka : Mobile Loan APPs in Kenya


Just as the name suggests Haraka mobile loan app is the quickest mobile loan app. You can get loans with or without a bank account.  This Mobile Loan App is available in: Kenya, Zimbabwe,Tanzania, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda.

This is how to go about the Haraka Mobile Loan app

* Create your account using Facebook login
* Apply in seconds
* Receive your loan straight into your Mobile Wallet
* Repay your loans in time and participate in the referral rewards program to up your loan limits and be eligible for future bonuses and discounts!!

Applying for a Haraka mobile loan is seamless – credit at your fingertips. We don’t need any paperwork and you normally get your funds within a few minutes. with the mobile loan app you are good to go.

13. Balance : Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Just 3 minutes for registration and the amount up to 10,000 KSh will be credited to your M-Pesa account

PERSONAL TERMS-We will offer you individual loan conditions. You have a chance to get a loan even with bad credit history

Beneficial credit program-Perform the obligations and receive the benefits: after every loan repayment, your loan limit increases and interest rate reduces

Your credit history security-We will protect your credit history from negative records even if your payment is late

7 reasons to choose Balance


It’s convenient

Without references and guarantors. Without visiting an office. To receive the loan you need only national ID and M-Pesa account


It’s free

There is no fee for registration and consideration of your application. You only pay the interest rate for the loan received; the amount is specified in your contract


It’s safe

Your personal data is protected in accordance with the law, including Personal Data Processing Policy


It’s prompt

A decision on your loan application within minutes. You will receive recurrent loans instantly


It’s secure

Keep Balance LTD is a microfinance company accredited under No. PVT-AAADAG5 acting in accordance with the requirements of the law


It’s clear

There are no hidden charges. All loan conditions are available before you sign the contract

14. Kenya Quick Loans Shop: Mobile loan Apps in Kenya

Kenya Loan Shop App is a platform that makes it easy for lenders and borrowers to connect and transact. Simply send your loan request and lenders will contact you directly. If you are a lender, get a pool of borrowers who are ready to take your offer.

Please note that we do not facilitate loan processing. Once we publish your offer, we leave it open for you decide on what offer to take or reject. We do not facilitate signing of agreement in any way. Please observe due diligence in your dealing. Making use of this app will only quicken the process of getting offers.

We only publish your request upon payment of Ksh 200 advertising fee.

15. M-Shwari & KCB M-PESA: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


This is a mobile loan that is accessible through the MPESA MENU.

M-Shwari is a paperless banking service offered through M-PESA. It will: Enable you open and operate an M-Shwari bank account through your mobile phone, via M-PESA, without having to visit banks or fill out any forms. Provide you the ability to move money in and out of your M-Shwari savings account to your M-PESA account at no charge.Give you an opportunity to save as little as KSHs.1 and earn interest on your saving balance. This cash is moved into the savings account via M-PESA.Enable you to access micro credit product (loan) of a minimum of KSHs.100 any time and receive your loan instantly on your M-PESA account.


This is a mobile based account offered exclusively to M-PESA customers enabling you to:
Access loans at attractive low interest rates of 1.16% per month with a one off negotiation fee of 2.5%. The cost for the one month loan is 3.66% with excise duty applicable on fees.
Save for a fixed period of time (Fixed Deposit Account) or save a little at a time for a set period (Target Savings Account) and earn interest of up to 7% p.a.
Transfer money in and out of the KCB M-PESA Account for FREE.

How to sign up

Access through the M-PESA menu
Select Loans and Savings
Select KCB M-PESA and Activate.

Loans-Upon activating the account, you will be issued with a loan limit from where you can borrow instantly. Loans issued are deposited into the KCB M-PESA Account.You can access loan limits from as low as Kes. 50 and up to Kes. 1M.Enjoy repayment periods of 30 days.
Loan repayment can be made via M-PESA or from the KCB M-PESA account.

This is how this mobile loan app works

Access the M-PESA menu.
Select Loans and Savings.
Select KCB M-PESA.
Select Loan.
Request Loan.
Enter amount.
Enter your M-PESA PIN
Loan amount will be sent to your KCB M-PESA Account less the interest, negotiation fee and excise duty which is deducted upfront.
To access, the loan, go to KCB M-PESA menu and select Withdraw to M-PESA.


16. Mkopo Kaka : Mobile Loan APPs in Kenya

Mkopo Kaka

When properly harnessed, microfinance offers a variety of benefits to people. Foremost, microfinance initiatives can effectively address material poverty, the physical deprivation of goods, services, and the income to attain them.

Download MKOPO KAKA MOBILE LOAN APP HERE and get instant online loans

When properly guided, the material benefits of microfinancing can extend beyond the household and into the community. Mkopo Kaka mobile loan app offers our clients an opportunity to become financially independent through our trust model.

Features Of The Mkopo Kaka Loan Platform

Check your Loan Status and Unlock Larger loans

Log in at any time and check your loan status, loan repayment schedule and other important loan related information. When you repay your loan you can apply for another loan and start to unlock larger amounts.

Identity Validation

We want you to be part of our safe lending community. Thats why it’s so important we verify your personal information. We store this information safely in our data warehouse and do not share it with third parties.

Loan Approvals Within 48 Hours! instant online loans

Our dedicated team promise to be back to you within 48 hours of receiving your application. We will communicate with you every step of the way. When you receive a loan approval you will be notified. We disburse money directly to you mobile wallet.


Our rates are transparent. You pay 15% on money you drawdown, there are no hidden fees. Please see sample loan below.

Total Loan: 240 KES
Repayment 1: 69 KES
Repayment 2: 69 KES
Repayment 3: 69 KES
Repayment 4: 69 KES
Total Interest: 36 KES

17. Jazika: Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya


Jazika Mobile Loan App gives you access to fast & convenient loans to your M-Pesa. Use our loans to grow your business, pay your bills or deal with emergencies.

Download Jazika loan app from google play

and create account and answer a couple of questions so we get to know you!

Jazika Mobile Loan app will check how you have been using your phone to make calls, sms, data and how you use mobile money services such as M-Pesa. Jazika will notify you of the amount of money you can apply for

We’ll send the loan to your M-Pesa account immediately and explain the repayment terms.